Olive oil is one of the main activities of our company. This landscape has long been known for its quality olive oil, and specialty gives him the rocky substrate, altitude (from 150 to 200 m) and climate characteristics Primosten end.
For the production of olive oil we use only the best quality products to oil and meet the highest levels of quality. Therefore, our oil is characterized by a specific flavor, color and aroma.
Our oil mill also offers olive and the only one that meets all the requirements of quality we buy, store and put on the market.
We are equipped with the latest technology for processing olive oil producers in a way that has a large capacity oil processing and are able to recycle as much as possible the amount of olives in the shortest possible time. In this way, we meet the basic requirement of quality olive oil, which reads: just-picked fruits go immediately into the machine to prerdau, without waiting.

The second main activity is the production of sauerkraut. The raw material for pickling arrives with the most fertile fields which are located near us.
According to previous processing experience for biological fermentation using fresh cabbage satisfactory food health safety in the form of processing heads and cut into strips.
Our plant is fully equipped with all the equipment we need for production, from receipt of raw material to the packaging of the finished product.
After the treatment, the cabbage and the completion of the fermentation follows its packaging is adequate.
Biological fermentation of cabbage takes place under certain temperature and hygienic and sanitary conditions in the processing plant. The fermentation produces lactic acid, which is the main cause of the characteristic flavor and aroma of sauerkraut.

Both our products have a high nutritional value.
Sauerkraut is a rich source of vitamin C, and it is good to consume in winter months due to reduced supply of fresh fruit.
Olive oil is rich in chlorophyll and carotenoids to him with characteristic color and provide antioxidant properties and prevent rancidness oil. Antioxidant activity intensifies and vitamin E, which is in olive oil is the most favorable form, phenols and polyphenols. Olive oil is a beneficial effect on their health and owes favorable fatty acid profile that contains. The largest part is monounsaturated oleic acid partly responsible for its good digestibility. Furthermore, olive oil contains saturated fatty acids such as palmitic and stearic acids, and valuable polyunsaturated linoleic and linolenic acid.