slika kiselog kupusa

Sauerkraut is packed mechanically and manually, depending on its type.

Namely, after the fermentation follows manual processing head and hand packing in adequate packaging.

Cut the cabbage out of the pool is supplied to the dispenser fillers and packed in PE packaging film in the form of a bag for a mass of 0.5 or 1.0 kg.

slika boca maslinovog ulja

Our olive oil is obtained by cold pressing and after processing redeem only top quality oil so we can sell on the market the best quality extra virgin olive oil.

The oil stored in specially dedicated room which is equipped with all that is necessary to prevent the deterioration and loss of its quality and nutritional value of which make it a healthy food.

Our products are sold mostly at fairs throughout the state, as well as sales by well-known restaurants and hotels in the area of our county.

Full in glass bottles of 0.25l0,50 l0.75 l and 1.0 l and in bulk.