History of Association

The association has gone through all the stages went by cooperatives in this period, from forced association over the planned economy, production and distribution (trade) in the area, to the latest legal requirements.



– It was established agricultural association Primosten Burni.

From 1946.till 1956.godine

– Association members own funds built the cooperative,

– Association won by building oil factories and machines that are 1935.build former co-operative oil mills,

– The period of compulsory purchase of agricultural products,


– The upgraded building association with new premises on the first floor,

– Association ceded part of their rooms to work eight-year schools and clinics,

– The activity of the association is: retail and industrial food products, sales of wine in wine shops, purchase of agricultural products and processing of olives into oil mill,


– Cooperative in cooperation with HTP Primosten procured and installed new machinery oil refinery,


– The association takes over ownership of the complete object oil refinery,,

– The association has a leading role in building the infrastructure of the whole area Primosten Burni, primarily electrification with 6 substations,

– This is a period of very difficult financial period for the association when it introduces a fee of 2% on all products purchased in order to be co-financed the construction of infrastructure,

– In the same period, the cooperative set aside large funds for the construction of roads Primosten end,

From 1985. till 1990.godine

-built New office building on the foundations of old,

– In the new building equipped stores technical and consumer goods, a café and a modern clinic and administrative offices of the association,

– Purchased land for open storage of technical goods and building materials,

– The surface of a paved and fenced,

– Association modernize operations by introducing software solutions in accounting, warehouse, and commercial department stores,

– The fleet modernized and acquired new vehicles,

– Number of employees in the cooperative is around 40


– The Association began producing small quantities of sauerkraut,

– As the demand for sauerkraut becomes larger, late 90s is increasing its production capacity,


– Completed the modernization of the oil refinery purchase and assembly lines for the continuous processing of brand Pieralisi capacity of 1 600 kg / h,

– Oil from healthy olive fruit secretes cold method of processing, and it is a natural product of olives which have been preserved all valuable nutrients,

-For the production of olive oil we use only the highest quality fruit to meet the oil and the highest levels of quality.


From 2000. till 2010.godine

-Agricultural Association Primosten Burni is more than a decade of presence in the Croatian market of sauerkraut ,

– Due to its characteristics, our sauerkraut in the market extremely well-received and highly sought after, which has imposed an increase in production capacity and the modernization of production of sauerkraut :

  • During 2004. built a new production facility with 14 pools for pickling volume of 23.8 m3 (total 333.2 m3), which allows processing in two cycles per year about 500 tons of fresh cabbage.
  • That same year we acquired and automated packaging of sauerkraut, which we greatly facilitate and accelerate the process of packaging and ensure delivery of the required amount of product.
  • In 2007 acquired a new, automated line for the preparation of fresh cabbage (stalk removing, cutting, salting and filling the pool noodles), which allows us to eight hours prepare and agree to pool 20 tonnes of fresh cabbage.
  • In 2009 we enter the food safety system, HACCP, which we provide to our customers the confidence and added security when buying and consuming our products.
  • That same year, we are processing plant for pickling cabbage installed klimatizacijsko- ventilation system, and thus satisfy certain temperature conditions that are important to us to ensure continued production of quality and healthy and good products



From 2011. to 2015.godine

– In 2012 was done modernization of our oil refinery purchase and assembly lines for the continuous processing of olives brand Pieralisi capacity 2 800- 3 900 kg per hour, more specifically medium value of approximately 3 400 kg per hour. With this investment, we become competitive, and its current and future clients the processing of large quantities of olives in the shortest possible time. Thus we meet the basic requirement of quality olive oil, which reads: just-picked fruits go immediately into the machine for processing, without waiting.

– In 2013. we buy an electric hoist to remove the sauerkraut from the pool, which we made another step forward for our production and thus our workers facilitated this process.