Primosten Burni located in central Dalmatia near Sibenik. Primosten Burni borders with GREBAŠTICA, southern Primošten, Primošten and Zlarinskim akvatorijem.

Primosten Burni largely mountainous region with fifteen hills, with two large karst fields (Prhovskim and Tribeškim), and developed coastline in front of which are two islands, Tmara and Krbela and huge seas Adriatic up to Italy.

The center of Primosten Burni is the hamlet Draga. Near Drage is eternal water Bojana, origin from which the thirsty karst flourished comradely life.

It is healthy living, healthy food, to enjoy the summer breeze in untouched rural architecture with views of vineyards, sun-drenched hills and blue sky, sea and sky.

“Everything in this area is growing has its value,” – says the manager of the Association Blaž Jurin.